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Business continuity planning is not somthing to start after the boom.

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Frustrated with your Technology ?

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You just need yourEmail,Computer,Network,Server,Internet,Antivirus,Database,Applications,Printers,Scanners,Phone System,Business to work..

NetWerks is here to help.

Business AlignmentIs your technology in alingment with your business goals? If not, can seem like trying to steer a rudderless ship. Having the right tech is only a part of it. NetWerks can help you unravel the puzzle and get you back on course.

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Focused on SecurityFor over 30 years, we have been working towards securing our clients. Long before the cool kids started calling it cybersecurity. Who do you trust? Without being able to understand your culture, no amount of tools will protect your assets.   

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Humanized SupportIt's not about the technology. It's about your business. And more importantly, the people in your business who make the magic happen.  By getting to understand how your people use technology we can provide a more personalized level of support.

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Business Solutions Spotlight

What is important to you business? At NetWerks, this is one of the most important things we want to know. Our goal is to find innovative ways to align technology to your business goals. We partner with our clients to determine how to best make that happen. To us, these are not empty promises. Looking for a different IT support experience?

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vCIO Corner

Collaboration Boosters

In today's office, communication is key. The pandemic forced us to pivot into more effective ways to collaborate from a distance. Solutions built on the power and security of Microsoft 365 can springboard your business into a higher level of productivity. Are you ready to step up your collaboration game?

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More Than Just a Phone

If your phone system's skillset stops at handling calls and taking voicemail, you may want to consider the benefits of Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS). Ditch your old phones and stop into collaboration at the speed of business?

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Strategy vs. Catch-Up

Is your current IT provider focused on your business probems, or are they more intested in selling you the latest tech without aligning it to your business goals? There is a difference.Consider the value of a strategic partnership with NetWerks

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Is Your Network Secure?

When was the last time you had your IT provider audited? With the continued escalation in cybercrime, making sure that your systems are secure is worth the trouble. Reach out to schedule an independent security audit today

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Who's Your Weakest Link?

Security starts with people. 85% of all data breaches start with a breakdown in the Human Firewall. Invest in Security Awareness Training and reduce your risk significantly. Are you ready to secure your people?

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Let our security team perform a thorough review of your business cybersecurity risk and resilience.

Managed IT Services

Proactive support to take the headache of IT off your shoulders and let you do what YOU do best!

Business Continuity

Developing a plan to keep moving forward in the event of difficult situations is the mark of a thriving business

Compliance Management

Whether your need is CMMC, HIPAA, FINRA, or PCI, compliance doesn't have to be a four letter word. 

Hosted Phone Systems

Collaborate at the speed of business with a Unified Comunications-as-a-Service phone system designed to grow with you.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup systems are not one-size-fits-all. Let the NetWerks Pros put together the right solution for your network.

Cloud Computing

Whether you need a cloud hosted email system, a cloud based compute, or VDI solution, NetWerks has you covered.


When you still need on-prem servers, get the most our of your investment with virtualization of servers and desktops.