NetWerks: The Pros that Make IT Work


Solving problems... The challenge is: What's the problem being solved? Has a thorough analysis of the issue been been made, or are you still looking at symptoms instead of root causes?

Let the three decades of IT experience cut through the noise and develop a workable solution to your challenges. Whether you are looking to implement a new software platform or roll out a completely new hardware infrastructure, NetWerks can help guide your organization to a successful outcome.

Managed IT - Concierge Support

Managed IT:
Concierge Support

When you find yourself in the position that hiring an IT department is necessary, just not financially possible, NetWerks can step in with comprehensive  support services, from CIO level management to desktop support..


Compliance Managment - Taking the Guesswork out of Compliance

Compliance Management:
Taking the Guesswork out of Compliance

If your organization requires maintaining one or more compliance protocol, ensuring that your network is audit ready makes good business sense. Prepare your system properly to make it harder to compromise, and to avoid costly cleanup and reputation damage that follows a breach..


Project Support - Extra Hands, Fewer Missed Deadlines

Project Support:
Extra Hands, Fewer Missed Deadlines

If you have a large scale rollout, but don't have the technical staff required to meet deadlines, NetWerks has you covered.  Our deployment team can set up a workable timeline to ensure your project meets milestones and rolls out on time and on budget..


Office Productivity Enhancement - Recovering Lost Productivity

Office Productivity Enhancement:
Recovering Lost Productivity

As the workforce becomes more mobile, the old standards of office automation may not keep up the pace.  With new cloud based products, mobile devices, and remote access systems, end user productivity can be significantly increased, but, there are pitfalls.  NetWerks is ready to help you navigate the turbulent waters of building a modern workforce..


Turnkey Office Systems - Building a Sound IT Platform

Turnkey Office Systems:
Building a Sound IT Platform

Struggling with a cobbled-together-over-time network? Perhaps it's time to have a system designed to meet the demands of your business model.  Let one of NetWerks solution engineers develop a blueprint that brings productivity, reliability, and profitability back in reach..


Structured Network Systems - Making the Right Connections

Structured Network Systems:
Making the Right Connections

Your business relies on a stable network. Over time, networks have a tendency to grow in less than effective ways.  With network speeds ever increasing, perhaps it's time to have your network evaluated. Wired or wireless, NetWerks can design a system that will meet tomorrows demands today..


Virtualization - Consolidate your Options

Consolidate Your Options

Virtualization of workloads is more than just a cool buzz-word. When you realize that a large amount of a typical servers power is left idle you are on the way to leveraging the power of that big iron. Don't let that power go to waste.. Consolidate!


Cloud Systems - Public and Private and Hybrid, Oh My!

Cloud Data Systems:
Public and Private and Hybrid, Oh My!

The cloud often leaves many with a distinct nervous tick.. Let Netwerks help you unravel the mystery behind the curtain and make an educated decision on whether or not your workload is a good fit for a cloud based solution..