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About Us

NetWerks Strategic Services, LLC is a regional Managed Service Provider (MSP) / System Integrator serving the Western Massachusetts and North-Central Connecticut area. NetWerks specializes in Small to Mid Sized Business information technology support, consulting and sales.

Our philosophy is simple.

Spend every day working towards the success of our clients, and within that space, we too shall find our success.

IT support is now a commodity. Look on nearly any urban street corner and you will likely find a PC repair shop or IT support organization. Much of this is the result of donwsizing in corporate IT departments. With the proliferation of computers and networks in the workplace over the past 20 years, there is certainly a call for that level of competition. So, why call NetWerks? We've been at this since 1988! We've been servicing the IT needs of the SMB market since before many of the current providers were just a twinkle in someones entrepreneurial eye. Let over 30 years of hands-on experience work for your organization.


NetWerks Strategic Services, LLC as a company is the culmination of many years dedicated to supporting the IT needs of the small to mid-sized business community. With our humble beginings in a Springfield, MA basement back in September 1988 as Giotronics, followed by a ten year presence in an East Longmeadow storefront as Giotronics, Inc.

In 2001, the founder of the business decided to take a detour through corporate IT..



Bring the performance and reliability of the corporate network into the budget of the small to mid-sized business.


With over 30 years experience in supporting information technology, the NetWerks team has worked with a wide array of clients and industries. Some have only a handful of systems, while others have multiple servers, locations and diverse technologies. During that time, we've worked with companies in various industries like..



Diagnostic Process

NetWerks uses a combination of sophisticated software tools, an ample dose of detective work, and a solid background knowledge in effective business practices to assist clients in getting the most out of their network resources.

Regardless of the challenge, by taking the simple, yet effective approach of Assess and Document, then Plan, the NetWerks team can quickly get to theroot cause. Networking is complicated - and it is far too easy to get sidetracked by the symptoms and not follow through to the heart of the matter..


Device Lifecycle Management

Device Lifecycle graphic

NetWerks believes strongly in making the best use of existing systems, with the understanding that letting things go too long has detrimental effects on network performance, security, and ultimately, workforce productivity.


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