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NetWerks History

NetWerks Strategic Services, LLC as a company is the culmination of many years dedicated to supporting the IT needs of the small to mid-sized business community. While it has been a long and winding road, it has always been with one goal.. help our clients be more successful through the effective application of technology.

With our humble beginings in a Springfield, MA basement back in September 1988 as Giotronics, servicing Apple IIe, III, Mac, Commodore, Atari, and early IBM PC's we began what would be an interesting trip through the history of computer technology. in 1991, the business moved to an East Longmeadow storefront, eventually graduating up to be known as Giotronics, Inc.

During that time frame, we supported several local government agencies, school districts, and many diverse businesses. Over those years, we built up a base of manufacturing, municipal, non-profit, legal, and accounting clients. From that experience we found that one thing tied it all together - the businesses that were most successful were taking our advice on how to impliment technology as a path towards growth. We had found our niche in business system support.

In 2001, the founder of the business decided to take a detour through corporate IT by assuming the role of IT Manager for our largest client at the time, an aerospace machine shop that had the need of a full time IT professional. This brought a deep understanding of the industrial envoronment. Networking in a large machine shop was crucial to delivery of product, but it was rife with challenges as CNC systems create a lot of electormagnetic interference. Along with this was learning how to support high end CAD/CAM systems such as Unigraphics and SolidWorks. This was a goldmine of experience that would translate into the return of the entreprenurial itch..

During that 4 year tenure in corporate IT, he continued consulting for the company that had bought out Giotronics. Eventually it was mutually agreed that inorder to maintain expertise in a broad area of IT knowledge, being siloed in one place while comfortable, would not result in a long term satisfaction, so in 2005, a new chapter was opened.

Having put to rest the name Giotronics, it was decided to take the time to reset and refocus on what part of the sandbox we wanted to play in. The most challenging aspect of information technology at that time was how to create fast, secure, and stable networks. In previous years, we had maintained a connection with many of the clients from the Giotronics days, and in fact, had supported many of them throughout the side-trip through corporate IT. Using this client base as a foundation, NetWerks was born in November of 2005.

Since that point, NetWerks spent 12 years as a home based business, servicing business to business clients across the western New England region. In the fall of 2017 we started the process of moving things into commercial space and in February 2018, the doors of our current location at 377 Walnut Street Extension, Agawam, MA were opened. We are growing to meet the needs of an ever changing world. Information technology, like rust, never sleeps. It is now more permeating more completely through the concrete wainscotting of society with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) being used in a broad range of applications.

NetWerks Strategic Services continues to support our clients, many with relationships going back to the origins of the business as Giotronics clients from 1989, using the same philosophy that was at that basement foundation in 1988.. If our clients are successful, so shall we.